I got a haircut, why am I ugly? :’(
Powering through the homework today to tumble and bowl tonight. <3
Ingrind Michaelson and homework. :)
Late night study sesh in the den! :D
I’m productive today! Signing my house lease with some of my college buddies today.
Rawr means I love you in dinosaur. :D
Just went swimming and biked over to my friend’s house, going to go frisbee golfing after we cook up some pizza. :)
On repeat. 
AVAST YE SCALLYWAGS! (my little brother left his sword in my room) :D
I’ve been on tumblr for hours today. :’)
Watching the US/Mexico game at my friend’s house! :D
I’m addicted to caffeine. 
Reppin’ UW-Madison! :D